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“-I didn’t know if it was a bird, I didn’t know if it was a bug, it was a butterfly” — Dan Brandi

Jun 12

Aamer Rahman: GAME OF TROPES: Racefail (spoilers) -



I’m late to Game of Thrones - but I caught up. And I couldn’t help photoshopping this picture of Khal Drogo as a Klingon. Anyone sad enough to be familiar with both GOT and Star Trek knows exactly what I’m talking about.

The Klingons are the Dothraki of Star Trek - the scary,…

Maybe GOT will reveal this all to be a misguided waste of Dany’s time and that its not as easy to “liberate brown people” as she thought….. maybe, what do i know

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01.  Ryan Hemsworth:  FACT Mix 352 / Slowed Summer Mix / LFTF Mix

02.  Peaking Lights:  Lucifer Mixtape 4

03.  LOL Boys:  Fader Mix

04.  Daphni:  Live From The Bussey Building

05.  Rustie:  Essential Mix

06.  Shlohmo:  BBC 1 Radio Mix

07.  Johnny Jewel:  Let’s Kiss / Black & White

08.  Nicolas Jaar:  Essential Mix 

09.  Loach Fillet:  Lower Bottoms Jukebox 45’s Mix

10.  Questlove:  J Dilla’s Tribute Mix

11.  Bok Bok:  NSMIX001

12.  The Avalanches:  Sleepy Bedtime Mix For Young Ones

13.  Nick Hoppner:  Panorama Bar 04

14.  Peverlist:  Sonic Router 114 

15.  John Talabot:  FACT Mix 315

16.  Ben Klock:  Fabric 66

17.  Chairman Mao:  The Loser’s Seat

18.  Pinch:  55 min Boiler Room Set

19.  Diplo:  Got stoned and mixed really old records for a half hour

20.  Fantastic Mr. Fox:  XLR8R Podcast


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